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Version 2015.07 Now Available

December 21, 2015 - Farm Works Software® has released version 2015.07 of the Office software.

Enhancements include:

  • Commonly Used Reports Menu (All) – the Reports menu now has sub-menus for "Recent" and "Most Viewed". The Recent option shows the 20 most recently viewed reports in the order they were viewed. Most Viewed shows the 15 reports that you have used the most with the most viewed reports listed first.
  • New! Pre-Harvest Interval Report (Mapping) – a new report is now available showing applications of chemicals that have a PHI which includes the area, rate, and quantity applied along with the PHI and the Earliest Available Harvest Date.
  • Enhanced Yield by Variety Report (Mapping) – a graph is now included on the Yield by Variety Report to help visualize the average yield for each variety.
  • Additional Support for Ag Leader Data Files (Mapping) – updates to reading Ag Leader planting files (*.ilf) as well as reading granular application files (*.agdata).  Support also includes reading Ag Leader spray files (*.agdata) when tank mixes are involved.  Now tank mixes default to the point size of the data to match the swath width of the implement. 
  • Additional Support for ISOXML Files (Mapping) – updates to reading/writing ISOXML/Taskdata for all displays (AGCO, CNH, Claas, DICKEY-john, Topcon, and Trimble). The new process supports the latest file formats and includes major improvements in speed. The old processor is still available under "Generic Import" as "ISOXML Task Controller - Legacy".
  • Enhancements to VRA and Application Map Legend Templates (Mapping) – legend templates can now be saved for any map that includes a supply (including VRA maps and supply application/coverage maps).  This feature saves time when creating multiple VRA maps that use the same supply and the same legend is required.
  • Improved Support for FODM Files (Mapping) – better support for extremely large data sets that include a large number of feature layer items when writing out to FODM (*.xml) format.
  • Job Report Enhancements (Mapping) – if you select multiple jobs from the "Jobs" tab and print the Job Summary Report, the last page will give input totals for all selected jobs.
  • New! Coverage View of Point Data (Mapping) – a new "Coverage" view of point data is now available for any point data that includes a width.  The coverage view shows the data as polygons.  If the data has row or section views, the polygons will be at the smallest level.  This coverage view will only be available for data that was imported in with version 2015.07 or higher.
  • Updated Crop Summary Report (Mapping) – when selecting the "Group by FSA Info" option in the Crop Summary Report, the report better separates fields by FSA Tract.
  • New Support for Road Map Imagery (Mapping) – the Background Imagery button is now a drop-down that lets you select between displaying just Road Maps (with Labels) or combined Road & Satellite Maps (with labels).
  • Fixed Reading Materials with Trimble Precision-IQ App (Mapping) – if reading data collected with a Trimble TMX-2050™ display using the Precision-IQ app, material logged will now import properly.
  • Fixed Reading Materials with Trimble FmX Display (Mapping) – if a material is logged in the Event Attributes of the FmX®, that material will now be read into Farm Works Software. In the past this would have been shown as N/A.
  • Additional Support for Reading Trimble SIS Data (Mapping) – when importing Soil Information System™ (SIS) data, additional attributes are now supported as well as the creation of a "Core Locations" layer that shows where cores were pulled. This also supports the automatic reading of boundary data collected with SIS.
  • Updated Support for Yara Data (Mapping) – a new data driver (FODD) can be used to read the latest Yara file format.
  • Updated Support for CNH Displays (Mapping) – it is now possible to write out job data to both .cn1 and ISOXML/Task data at the same time. This would typically be used with a task controller on a CNH display. There are options where you can specify what types of data to include in each file type (.cn1 and ISOXML).
  • Improvements to Bank Statement Import (Accounting) – added support for importing bank statement data when using a *.ofx file format.
  • New Option for Accounts Payable Coming Due (Accounting) – a new option for payables coming due can be found under the menu Accounting > Payments & Purchases. This brings up a window that comes up when you start the program and shows payables that are due in the near future (or overdue) and allows you to pay them from this window.
  • New Filter Option for Storage Locations (Accounting) – if using the Edit Filter button to filter jobs, a new option to filter by storage location is now available.  This feature will show only harvest jobs for the selected harvest location.
  • Support for 2015 Tax Forms (Accounting) – updated support for 2015 Forms 1099-Misc & 1096 and W-2 and W-3.
  • Updated Support for 2016 Federal & FICA/Medicare Withholding Taxes (Accounting) – this release includes the preliminary 2016 Tax Withholding Tables for Federal and FICA and Medicare withholding. Note that if the final rates are different from the preliminary rates, an update will be available in January with the final rates.
  • Updated Support for E-Filing (Accounting) – updates to electronic filing for 2015 W-2, W-3, and 1099-Misc & 1096 data.
  • Improvements to Cash Flow Statement (Accounting) – improvements to asset trades where the trade-in is worth more than the equipment being purchased and you are receiving money from the trade.


Customers of the Office software who are subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP) will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates" located under the Help menu.  Another option is to use the download link:

U.S. Holiday Support Hours

December 7, 2015 – Farm Works Software® would like to wish each and every one of you a happy and safe holiday season.  To celebrate the season, Farm Works support will be closed or limiting hours on the following days below.  We look forward to assisting each one of you, so please use this opportunity to plan your support needs. 

Dec. 21 - 23
8am - 8pm EST
Dec. 24 - 26
Closed (Christmas Holiday)
Dec. 28 - 30
8am - 4pm EST
Dec. 31 - Jan. 2
Closed (New Years Holiday)

Scout App Reaches 100,000 Downloads

November 20, 2015 - We are celebrating over 100,000 downloads of the Connected Farm Scout app, making it one of the most popular apps in precision agriculture. Farmers and advisors use the app to collect field boundaries, mark flags, and enter scouting information about weeds and pests. All data collected from the app transfers wirelessly to Connected Farm Free (web platform) and Farm Works Software® (desktop platform that requires the latest Update Service Plan).

Farm Works customers are required to be on the latest version when using the Connected Farm Scout app.  If you are not subscribed to the latest Update Service Plan, please call 1-800-225-2848.

Download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

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Video: Working with Yield Data

November 1, 2015 - Now that harvest is complete, it is time to import and handle yield data within the Farm Works™ Mapping software.  Farm Works Mapping can import yield data from multiple sources including Ag Leader, John Deere, CNH, Trimble, and more.  Learn how to clean up the data with harvest filters, correct for errors in machine settings, and utilize scale tickets to reconcile yield maps.  Also, understand how to normalize multiple years of yield data and print reports.

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November Online Newsletter
/ Other / Newsletters / Nov15_pic.jpg In this issue:
  • Raven Slingshot Now Compatible
  • AGCO VarioDoc and AgCommand Data Integration
  • Updates to Connected Farm
  • Scout App Reaches 100,000 Downloads
  • Free Trial with Connected Farm Standard

Thanksgiving Support Hours

November 4, 2015 – In observance of Thanksgiving, Farm Works Support in North America will operate on a modified schedule during the week of November 23.

Monday, November 23
8am - 8pm EST
Tuesday, November 24
8am - 8pm EST
Wednesday, November 25
8am - 8pm EST
Thursday, November 26
Friday, November 27
8am - 4pm EST
Saturday, November 28
8am - noon EST

October Online Newsletter
/ Other / Newsletters / Aug15_pic.jpg In this issue:
  • New Bundles Available for Connected Farm
  • Free Field App Expands to Farm Works
  • Updates to Farm Works Software
  • Yield Monitor Preparation
  • Former Owner of Farm Works Passes
  • Farm Works Online Training Schedule

Video: Tips in Yield Monitor Preparation

September 22, 2015 - Don’t overlook the importance of preparing your yield monitor for capturing accurate yield data.  Just a few easy steps can save you time and headaches when it comes to data management.  No matter what in-cab display you are using, the first essential step is correctly sending your resources from Farm Works Software.  This can be done using a USB flash drive or wirelessly using Connected Farm™ Office Sync.  The Farm Works resource names will appear from a drop-down list for the operator to select; in addition, streamlining the data flow when jobs are completed.

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Former Owner of Farm Works Passes

September 4, 2015 - Norman L. Teegardin, founder of CTN Data Services and Farm Works Software, passed away on August 3, 2015.  At 69 years of age, he left this world too soon, especially for his beloved wife of 51 years, Margo.  Norm was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in December 2014 and as a believer in God and heaven, was at peace with his destiny.

Norm led the agriculture industry in cutting-edge farming software for more than two decades. He and Margo moved to Brenham, Texas, in 2011 where they founded Bahia Game Ranch specializing in breeding and raising white tail deer.  Norm was very accomplished. He was an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, generous, big-hearted, saw the best in others, expected the best in others, strong-willed, master of the one-liner, defender of the underdog, devoted husband, father and grandfather.

He is survived by his wife, Margo of Brenham, Texas; daughter, Jennifer Miller and her husband, Tom Ingersoll, of South Bend, Indiana; daughter, Tricia Teegardin Edwards and her husband, Burke Edwards, of Austin, Texas; daughter, Callie Teegardin of Houston, Texas; granddaughter, Tatum Miller of Indianapolis, Indiana; granddaughter, Paxton Lewis of Salt Lake City, Utah; grandson, Reed Lewis of South Bend, Indiana; brother, Edwin Teegardin and his wife, Peg, of Hamilton, Indiana; and a sister, Annetta Teegardin of Auburn, Indiana.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to "Camp for All," 6301 Rehburg Road, Burton, Texas 77835, which is a summer camp for kids with special needs located in Burton, Texas. Camp for All was special to Norm as his sister, Nancy, had special needs and died at the age of 25 and Margo is actively involved in the charity.  More info on donations can be found here.

If customers or resellers of Farm Works would like to send their condolences to Margo and family, please email them to

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Version 2015.06 Now Available

August 28, 2015 - Farm Works Software® has released version 2015.06 of the Office software.

Enhancements include:

  • Updated Synchronization of Connected Farm Scout App Data (Mapping) – a new button "Sync Resources with Website" is available for synchronizing data between Farm Works and the Connected Farm Scout app.  This allows you to see and select resources from Farm Works (boundaries, field names,...) on the Scout app so that your data easily flows from one platform to another.  This free app allows you to GPS map field boundaries, mark flags, and enter scouting information from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Synchronization of Connected Field App Data (Mapping) – a new button "Sync Resources with Website" is available for synchronizing data between Farm Works and the Connected Farm Field app.  This allows you to see and select resources from Farm Works (boundaries, field names,...) on the Field app so that your data easily flows from one platform to another.  This free app allows you to enter field activities from your smartphone or tablet without the need of a in-cab display.
  • Updated Resource Syncing with Connected Farm (Mapping) – a number of minor fixes and enhancements to the "Sync Resources with Website" feature.
  • Updates to Node Edit Tool (Mapping) – now you can select a point on a line or area without moving it.  You must click again to move the point. Additionally, the coordinates for a selected point on a line or area will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and you can now right-click anywhere on a line or boundary to add a point.
  • Support for CNH Zip Data (Mapping) – you can now read and write CNH data as .zip files into Farm Works.  This works with zip files that are used with the CNH telematics system.
  • TMX-2050 Yield Data via Office Sync (Mapping) – improved how data is imported from the Trimble TMX-2050™ display when using Office Sync.
  • Precision Planting Enhancement (Mapping) – now you can import multiple Precision Planting .dat files at one time.
  • Fixed Merging Harvest Jobs (Mapping) – fixed merging harvested jobs so that Reconciled Yield did not create same value as Dry Yield.


Customers of the Office software who are subscribed to the Update Service Plan (USP) will automatically receive these features by selecting “Check for Updates" located under the Help menu.  Another option is to use the download link:

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