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Frustrated Farmer

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May 23, 2018 06:42AM

I am having major issues when I write data off farmworks software to a TMX and try to use the Precision IQ app.

After many years using Trimble CFX 750 screens I have copied about 50 paddocks with their respective AB lines, Headland patterns and in recent years boundary's to our farmworks software. As we are on irrigation, most paddocks have multiple AB's, headland and boundary patterns in their respective lasered fields.

When I write the guidance line data to a USB and copy it to the CFX 750 screens, for a reason unbeknown to me, when choosing to engage on a headland pattern of 2 circuits, some of the paddocks wont allow us to engage on the inside circuit.
When writing the exact same guidance line data to our TMX screens using the precision IQ app, it will allow us to engage on both headlands in those same paddocks.
I have the latest farmworks software, CFX 750 version 7.71 and a TMX precision IQ app, version 5.20

Recently I have spent many hours of time I really don't have, creating some new headlands, boundaries and AB lines in the ute,
I then copied them to the farmworks software, deleting old ABs, old headlands, renaming lines and had a general clean up.
The master copy for the farms guidance lines was complete!
I then copied the data in a TMX format and saved it over to the TMX screens in the Precision IQ ap.
The data copied over in 2 formats, Ag data and Ag gps. the paddocks were all listed twice.
After copying 1 format over I found that I could not open and get into the run screen in any paddock (corrupt file)
So I copied the paddocks over in the other format and found that I could get into all paddocks, but when I went to select ab lines they had duplicated 2 or 3 times. When I selected headland patterns, they had duplicated 2 or 3 times. When I went to select a boundary they were duplicated 2 or 3 times and a lot of cases not there anymore. Everything was jumbled up!
I have repeated this process may times on multiple screens, still jumbled up!
Very frustrating when you think about the hundreds of hours spent making sure every paddock didn't have a line, headland, name or boundary out of place.
I also found that when using the Precision IQ app, some of the paddocks now had a delay of 3-5 seconds for engaging the autopilot or ezpilot steering system, 3-5 second delay for coverage logging, 5-8 second delay to press any button to select an AB line, select a headland pattern, select a boundary, attempt to shift an AB line save it and re name it letter by letter.
It is hard to tell, and haven't noticed anything yet, but when I was spraying with the section control, I have been hoping that there was not a delay with turning the spray sections on and off.

After reading this, I hope someone will appreciate that I have spent a lot of time trying to getting things organized, I do have a genuine need to use the AB lines, headland patterns and especially with spraying and spreading NOW boundaries.
Hopefully now, someone somewhere will have a solution for me, so I can fix the problems and start using both the software and the hardware for the purpose it was purchased.

Looking forward to working with and hearing from you.

Frustrated Farmer

Cadman HamMay 23, 2018 06:42AM

Re: Frustrated Farmer

Kathy ClineMay 25, 2018 11:26AM

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