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Re: .dat file from Veris Machine How to Read

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February 19, 2014 02:25PM
There are five columns of data logged by a Veris machine:
Column A: Longitude
Column B: Latitude
Column C: Shallow EC
Column D: Deep EC
Column E: Elevation

Open the .DAT file in Excel. Insert a Header Row in top row of file. Add the titles above each column.

I like to save mine with a .csv extension, keeping the original .DAT file intact and unchanged.

I set up an Import Template in Farm Works to handle the .CSV files. I really wish Farm Works would set up a standard JOB IMPORT FOR VERIS! When you have dozens and dozens of files to work with, it is slow to have to edit each and every one to get it where Farm Works can import. If you sit down to do 20 files and it takes 90 seconds per file, that equals an extra 30 minutes time to complete the project....

Anyhoos, If your .DAT file has only one column, there is something wrong. Some Veris machines log only one depth of EC data, but even so they will log an additional column each for lat and lon. I suspect that the delimiter you have chosen is wrong, perhaps Excel thinks you are opening a TAB delimited ASCII file that is saved as a COMMA delimited ASCII file, another reason to be sure to always keep the original .DAT file intact and unchanged from how it is recorded by the Veris logger.

.dat file from Veris Machine How to Read

Martens Farms, LorraDecember 14, 2013 10:16PM

Re: .dat file from Veris Machine How to Read

Carl HobbsFebruary 19, 2014 02:25PM

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